Middle Caicos

The Blue Horizon Resort takes advantage of the growing demand for
ecotourism.Much of what makes the Caicos Islands unique is alive and well on Middle Caicos, from straw works and other crafts to natural treasures such as wetlands, limestone caves, diverse wildlife and unspoiled marine environments.


48 square miles


The island contains artifacts from the once indigenous Lucayan Indians and features The Conch Bar Caves, the largest above ground cave system in all of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos archipelago. The Bambarra settlement originated as a settlement for shipwrecked survivors from the African tribe of Bambarra.

Today it is a place for people to enjoy a number of water sports including snorkeling, kayaking, bone fishing, and even model sailboat racing. An annual competition sees the local water craft artisans race their creations in a friendly contest.


Assets & resources

The northern coastline features dramatic limestone cliffs and long beaches of white sand.

  • Airport
  • Causeway connecting North and Middle Caicos
  • Historic and archaeological sites
  • Flamingo nesting sites
  • Limestone cave system


Regular ferries travel to North Caicos, which connects to Middle Caicos via a causeway.

  • Hotel/Condo development
  • Ecotourism
  • Agro-industries including agriculture and livestock
  • Light manufacturing

Image: Steve Passmore/Provo Pictures