Revised Procedures and Fees, for Visas, Work Permits

Effective Nov. 1, revised and new fees and procedures for several categories of Visas and Permits will take affect, the Ministry for Border Control and Labour announced Oct. 22.

Effective November 1, 2013 the following will apply:


The following provisions and fees shall now apply for:

  • a single entry visitor’s visa -$150
  • a one year multiple entry business visa - $500
  • a student visa - $300

In addition a non-fundable application fee of $100 is now payable.

There is also now provision for:

  • a seaman’s visa - $300
  • and a person for a visa to attend a charitable, sporting or religious event -$25
  • All applicants must satisfy the Department of Immigration that they are genuine visitors, that they will not engage in an occupation and that they will leave the Islands at the end of the stipulated period.

Endorsement of Spouse and/or Child on Work Permits:

  • for a spouse - $500
  • for each child - $500

Residence Permit for Spouse of a Turks and Caicos Islander (Belonger)

  • for the spouse - $500
  • for the endorsement of each child -$300

Temporary Work Permits

  • For groups performing at commercial entertainment events - $250 per member
  • For groups performing at religious, charitable or civic events - $25 processing fee
  • In all other cases the fee remains $700

Employed and Self Employed Work Permits

  • To apply for an extension or renewal of a work permit by a self- employed person or employed person, regulations have been introduced to require that such applications must be made at least 30 days before the expiration of the existing permit.
  • If the application is made after the expiry of the work permit, a penalty fee of $250 shall apply.
  • Where a request is made for the processing of an application for a work permit within 7 days of making the application, a fee of $500 is payable.


  • Passport fee for British Overseas Territory Citizens 75 years and older – Free