South Caicos

South Caicos represents the quieter life.South Caicos is renowned for relaxed living in a natural setting, with a deep water harbour and great diving opportunities.


8.5 square miles


South Caicos’ big fishing industry shows that even the smaller islands of Turks and Caicos have a lot to offer. Known for its fishing, avian life, diving, and history, South Caicos serves up a treasure trove of unique island experiences.

An international airport once brought a buzz of activity to the “Big South.” Although the tourism focus shifted in recent years to other neighbouring islands, new hotel and residential developments are reviving activity. With long-term plans for restorations to the downtown, South Caicos is finding a new niche as a sustainable tourism destination.

Still the fishing capital of the islands, South Caicos fisheries are churning out the majority of the fish, lobster, and conch caught in local waters and packaging them for both domestic and international sale.


Assets & resources

The Big South Regatta sets sail every May.

  • Airport
  • atural deep water harbour
  • International School for Field Studies
  • Fishing capital
  • Several developments in progress


The fishing industry has found success with lobster, conch and other varieties.

  • Tourism-related businesses
  • Retail/Restaurants
  • Ecotourim
  • Marine Research
  • Yachting/Sailing

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